Gayurov Hakim Sharifovich – vice-Rector on Academic Affairs Candidate of physics-mathematics sciences, Associate Professor

Gayurov Hakim Sharifovich was born on 30th August, 1964 in Penjikent. Tajik. Exemplary of Science and Education of Tajikistan. Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, medal “For Merits” is awarded with Nobel Medal of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and honorable title “Honored Science and Education Worker” of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. High university degree. Married, has four children.

In 1989 – 1992, he graduated from the Tajik State University named after V.I. Lenin (now TNU) with honorary diploma and entered post graduate department of Space Research Institute under Academy of Science of Russian Federation. Since 1993 up to 2003 he worked first as a  senior teacher, then Associate Professor of General and Theory of Physics chair of Physics department of Tajik State University named after V.I. Lenin. Since 2003 to 2017 he was engaged in such positions in TSULBP: the chief of Informational Calculating System chair, vice dean on education, vice dean on academic affairs, dean of the Innovation and Technological Commerce faculty and dean of the Innovation and Telecommunication faculty.

From November 30, 2017 he was appointed a Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs of TSULBP by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

In 1993 he defended his candidacy thesis on the topic: “Some Issues of the Theory of Evacuated Flow of Rapid Particles in Heterogeneous Environment” in Dissertation Council of Candidacy Defense in Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship named after Patris Lumumba in Moscow.

He made an outstanding contribution in implementation of new majors and their state standard provision, application of new technology in preparation of high qualified specialists.

Gayurov H. S. made research on the spheres of theory of physics, nanotechnology and programming. He has also compiled textbooks and manuals on the majors “BASIC Programming Language” – 2010. “VBA  and MS Excel” – 2009, “Computer Study” – 2013. “Physics” – 2016 and more than 80 articles and two monographs. His textbook “Computer Study” was exhibited in the 30th International Conference in Moscow (EEA) and the author was awarded a Gold Medal.

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