Postgraduate activities


There are 6 faculties at the university, and after graduation the university graduates work in different establishments, organizations and various enterprises. Definition of specialties are given below:

LAW FACULTY: the graduators may work in law enforcement agencies and juridical state organs, government executive bodies, as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, investigators, notaries, consultants – lawyers and others.

BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT. Graduates of faculty can work in communities, executive bodies of the government in the cities and areas, state enterprises and establishments, ministries.

FINANCE AND CREDIT. The faculty trains experts in the field of finance and credit, banking system which can work in various financial structures, enterprises, companies, state bodies, banks and credit institutions, international organizations and scientific institutions.

INNOVATIONS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Graduates of faculty can work as economists, software engineers on banking, programming in information system, at the enterprises, at research institutes.

INTERNATIONAL POLICY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Graduates of faculty can work as the referee, English interpreters, written translators, translators of Arab language, and work in customs service, local governments, the ministries and departments in the sphere of the specialization.

FACULTY of TAXES AND TAXES. Graduates of faculty can work in various state governing bodies, heads of state and private enterprises, credit institutions, control and auditing bodies, auditor companies and tax authorities