University: today and tomorrow

Tajik state university of Law, Business and Policy is “an intellectual center” in the field of legal reform and trains experts in the field of business, commerce and international law.

President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomalii Rahmon

“Business World”, 24.01.1995

Tajik state university of Law, Business and Policy was founded by the decision of Council of ministers of Tajikistan on August 5, 1993 for training specialists in law, management, externat and internal policy, world economy, business, finance and information system areas.

Outstanding Tajik scientist of cooperation, honored economist of the Republic of Tajikistan, professor Arslonbek Gozibekov who was the rector of university in 1994-1999 played a great role at the beginning of its activity.


Prominent scientist of science and technique of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Doctor of Philosophy, honorary professor Hamid Pulodov, professors Osim Karimzoda and Jamshed Dzhurazoda as heads of this prestigious establishment played a great role in further development of the university. Especially since 2006 qualitatively new stage began at university, and the most important achievement of this period was an expansion of construction works in 2008 by the initiative of the President Emomalii Rahmon and putting into exploitation the new educational building in 2011. This is written by gold letters in the history of university.

According to the resolution of the government of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 129 on March 15, 2017 Sharifzoda Mumin Mashokir is appointed the rector of the Tajik state university of law, business and policy

Now scientific and educational activity of university continues on the basis of the License (AY No. 00018666) issued by Ministry of education and Science of Tajik Republic from 13.07.2015 No. 2025.

There are 6 faculties, 3 educational buildings, 125 educational classrooms, 11 educational laboratories, spacious halls, scientific and electronic library, test and computer centers, European center of language training, science and technology park, modern hostel for students. Favorable conditions are created for studying at leading foreign universities, for cooperation with nternational programs, training in the leading higher education institutions and the organizations. The exchange of students in Kazakhstan and Russia is carried out on a constant basis.

Highly skilled teachers from different areas are involved in educational process, from total number of 388 teachers of university 148 are candidates and doctors of sciences.

There are 7050 students are studying from various countries 255 Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Control of educational process is exercised by means of the ALFA – XPress program which defines gradual and total ratings of the student, and also generalizes results of students’ knowledge in short terms.

The university has the cooperation agreement with 64 domestic and foreign academic institutes and is a member of the Shanghai organization of cooperation and University league of the CSTO. This year specialties in the field of law,  international relations (diplomacy), finance and the credit were awarded the international certificates of accreditation that is recognition of university on the world scene, a solid step to an exit to the international educational space and a rating between higher educational institutions. According to monitoring of Public service supervision in education, the university was recognized as one of ten best professional establishments of the country.

After graduation talented graduates can continue training in a magistracy, postgraduate study and doctoral studies. There is a dissertation council on defence of candidacy and doctoral dissertations in a regional economy functions.

To celebrate the 30th  anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan with dignity the modern gym for promotion of a healthy lifestyle and involvement of students to sport was constructed.

Faculties of university


Business and management


Innovations and telecommunications

Political Science and International Relations

Accounting and taxes

# # of majors Majors Language Type

1st claster – «Natural and Tecnique»

1. 1- Automated system Tajik Day time/distance study
2. 1- Informational technology and telecommunication management Tajik Day time
3. 1-31 03 04 08 WEB-design and computer graphics Tajik Day time
# # of majors Majors Language Type
2nd claster – «Economy and Geography»
1. 1-25 01 03 World Economy Tajik

Russian English

Day time/distance study
2. 1-40 01 02 02 Technology and informational system

(in economy)

Tajik Day time/distance study
3. 1-25 01 04 Finance and Credit Tajik


Day time/distance study
4. 1-25 01 11 Audit and Inspection Tajik Day time/distance study
5. 1-26 01 01 State enterprise Tajik Day time/distance study
6. 1-26 02 01 Business – management Tajik Day time/distance study
7. 1-96 01 01 Custom Tajik Day time/distance study
8. 1-25 01 04 02 Bank Affairs Tajik


Day time/distance study
9. 1-25 01 04 03 Tax and Taxation Tajik Day time/distance study
10. 1-25 01 07 Economy and Enterprise Tajik Day time/distance study
11. 1-25 01 08 Accountant, analyses and audit Tajik


Day time/distance study
12. 1-26 02 02 Management Tajik Day time/distance study
13. 1-26 02 03 Marketing Tajik Day time/distance study
14. 1-40 01 02 02 01 Informational Tecnology and accountancy Tajik Day time
# # of majors Majors Language Type
3d claster   – «Lingvistics, pedagogy and art»
1. 1-23 01 02 04 Linguistic provision of intercultural communication (external policy) Tajik Day time
2. 1-23 01 02 02 Linguistic provision of intercultural communication (international tourism) Tajik Day time
3. 1-23 01 02 05 Linguistic provision of intercultural communication (external economical relation) Tajik Day time
# # of majors Majors Language Type

4th claster – «Sociology and law»

1. 1-23 01 01 International relation (diplomacy) Tajik


Day time
2. 1-24 01 02 Law Tajik


Day time/distance study
3. 1-24 01 01 International law Tajik


Day time/distance study
4. 1-24 01 03 Law of economy Tajik Day time/distance study
5. 1-21 03 01 05 History (political science) Tajik Day time/distance study
6. 1-23 01 06 03 Political science Tajik Day time/distance study