Since 2008 Tajik state university of law, business and policy has the modern hostel. The  address: Khujand, 20th micro district, Repin Street, 60.

There are about 300 students The foreign students and students from the most remote cities and regions of the country are be trained and accommodated in the hostel.

There is a computer hall with Internet access, entertainment room, sewing room and the sports ground. There is also a favorable condition for students to take part in activities of sewing club “Sklilled Hands” and “Atlas and atlas knitting” to have extra profession.

The administration of hostel along with creating favorable conditions of life will pay attention to moral, spiritual, educational and students’ sports education. In honor of historical dates  interesting, full content events, discussions, competitions and festivals are regularly held in the hostel.

Ruziyeva Saminiso Rustamkulovna is responsible person in hostel.