Vice – rector on International Relation department, professor, doctor of economical sciences Bobojonov Davron Dadojonovich.

Bobojonov Davron Dadojonovich, professor, doctor of economical sciences, deputy of rector on international relation department of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Policy (TSULBP), was born in 1974 in Khujand. He finished secondary school #15 in 1974.

Bobojonov Davron successfully graduated from Khujand State University, and worked as an assistant of theory economy chair at Tajik State University of Law, Business and Policy.

In 1998 – 2002 he was a post graduator of Academy of Science of Tajik Republic. During 2003 – 2012 was a chief of the World Economy chair. During his activity he promoted quality and effectiveness of chair’s activity, improved the process of education and upbringing of students. Organization of educational process in a high theoretical and practice level, involvement of chair’s personels into science, creating of favorable condition for promotion

In 2004 he defended his dissertation on the theme “The Problems of Agro Economy  (Farmer) in Sugd Region in Transferring Condition into Market Economy”.

Bobojonov D.D. as a young scientist constantly improves and promotes his knowledge, in 2011defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme: : “Basics of economic organization and promotion of organic sector of Tajikistan”

In 2012 according to the decree of the Ministry of Education and Science he was appointed a deputy of rector on education at TSULBP. During his activity  educational process was systematically organized and promoted,  developed and deployed new methods of training, acquired modern methods of training, quality of education was improved, credit system of training was improved, and also expansion of educational and methodical activity of university was promoted.

Bobojonov D.D. is a vice-president of dissertation council 6DKA-23 TSULBP. He is an author of more than 4 monographs and 50 scientific articles some of which are published in scientific journals of the Russian Federation. Under his supervision more than five researchers defended candidacy dissertation. He is preparing some more researchers.

He was awarded by the Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of Tajik Republic in 2007 for his fruitful work. According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation from 31.12.13 No. 1036/nk-1, has got an academic degree of professor. In 2014 he was awarded Meritocracy in Education of Tajik Republic. He is also awarded by the medal “For Merits” by the decree of the President of Republic of Tajikistan from 28.07.2017 No. 904.

From January, 2018 to April, 2018 he worked as the chief specialist in Department of international relations, and then till August, 2018 fulfilled duties of the dean of Finance and credit.

On August 23, 2018 by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan he is appointed the vice rector on international relation affairs of the State university of law, business and policy.


Cell phone: (+992) (92 773 46 46); (+992 3422) (2 44 66).


The list of scientific publications:

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