“IV Central Asian international Forum on quality assurance of education”- online conference in TSULBP

Today, on October 3, 2020, was held the “IV Central Asian international Forum on quality assurance of education”. The forum was attended by the management and representatives of independent accreditation and rating agencies of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Moldova, scientists and specialists from higher educational institutions and research centers of Ukraine, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Tajikistan.
Davron Dadojanovich Babajanov, Vice – rector for international relations of the Tajik state university of law, business and politics, doctor of economics, professor, spoke at the 1st section – “International experience in ensuring the quality of education”. He noted that the practice of reputable universities in the world proves that one of the factors for improving the quality of education in the world is the organization and conduct of educational programs and specialties international accreditation. Attention was also paid to the stages and requirements of passing international accreditation, the university’s experience in conducting international accreditation of university specialties, problems and prospects were discussed. In particular, it was noted that ensuring high-quality education in the context of globalization and entering the international educational space is of particular importance, since improving the quality of education becomes a strategic task, and solving these problems determines the level of sustainable development of the national economy and the country’s competitiveness in the world community.
It was noted that the Central Asian forum on quality assurance of education as an international platform provides an opportunity to consider the best forms of international accreditation experience exchange, exchange views, determine the future cooperation of accreditation institutions, pool their potential and resources to ensure the quality of education. The interest of the forum participants shows that the practical proposal of solutions affects the success and high potential of the forum’s impact on improving the quality of education.

Department of analysis and public relations

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