Second international trade Forum for digital development and First world Online e-Commerce conference (China)

At present, the rapid development of the digital economy has not only made significant changes and had an impact on the economic life of society, but also reconstructed the model, form and structure of global trade, giving the world economy previously unseen opportunities, but also a new challenge and new problems.

The specialized Committee on digital economy and digital trade of the China research society of the WTO (world trade organization) with the center for innovation and development of cross-border electronic and digital Commerce APEC (Asia-Pacific economic cooperation), under the leadership of the Chinese organization and the Association of radio and television, on Tuesday, August 18, held the second international trade forum for the development of digitalization and the first world online conference on e-Commerce.

Chun Quan, President of the China research Association of the world trade organization, Fan Weiping, President of the Chinese Federation of public radio and television organizations, and Jin Xu, President of the Chinese society for international trade, attended the conference and made a speech. The forum also invited the heads of the Ministry of trade, experts, scientists and senior business leaders to an online conference. The Tajik state University of law, business and politics was represented by Davron Dadajonovich Babajanov, doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice-rector for international relations.

The conference consisted of two sessions.

First session: 18.08.2020 (Beijing time) – 10:00-12:00: expert Discussion: experts mainly discussed trends in the development of digitalization of international trade.

Second session: 18.082020 (Beijing time) – 14:00-16:00: Scientific and commercial recommendations: mainly recommendations from scientists, chamber of Commerce and business leaders regarding e-Commerce business opportunities. At the second session, Professor Babajanov D. D. made a report on “Some issues of digitalization of the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan”.

The conference also focused on and discussed the challenges facing global trade due to the new coronavirus infection, as well as new platforms for global live e-Commerce and new trends in digital Commerce.




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