Invention for the prevention of coronavirus disease

Sanitizer is a new invention of Saidjon Asrorov, a participant in the Peshsaf project at the Innovation Laboratory of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics. This device has become a timely solution to the problem for our society. It is observed that today in all offices and workplaces, to prevent the spread of a common caronavirus infection, employees spray an antiviral solution at the entrances. The newly invented device will allow citizens to sanitize their hands with an antivirus solution without anyone else. The disinfectant consists of a box, a solution container and a laser, which automatically disinfects the hands when they are placed on them. Currently, this device is installed in the administrative and educational buildings of TSULBP and is used by employees and teachers. It is expected that in the near future a larger number of sanitizers will be produced and distributed to other institutions. Department of

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