TSULBP: Ready for the prevention of infectious diseases

The Tajik state university of law, business and politics has taken all necessary measures to prevent infection with different infectious diseases, especially Coronavirus. The university’s warehouse has a sufficient supply of various types of disinfectants, disposable and reusable medical masks, and many other protective types of equipment. Daily preventive treatment with disinfectants is carried out in all rooms and corridors of the University, at the entrance to the faculties, the duty officers monitor strict compliance with hygiene requirements.

In this regard, on behalf of the rector of the university, professor Mumin Sharifzoda, in the university dormitory all conditions were created for the ” Crafts treasury” club, where students in their free time can be engaged in sewing medical masks. The raw materials for making masks are fully provided by the university administration. The design and sketches for masks were prepared by specialists of the University taking into account standard norms.

The university management intends to provide masks of its own production to all students of the university, if necessary. Daily sewing masks after classes in free time busy 10-15 students of the University.

Mainly Tajikistan cotton products are used for sewing masks. Nowadays, more than 1000 medical masks have been prepared. It is expected that the volume of production will be increased, and if necessary, other social institutions will also be provided with medical masks.



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