Open international Internet Olympiad

The Founder of Peace and National unity – Leader of the nation, President of Tajikistan his excellency Emomali Rahmon, in his speeches, constantly emphasizes the need to improve the quality of education at the international level, the development of educational programs and the effective use of modern innovative technologies. In this regard, Tajik state University of law, business and politics, within the framework of training highly qualified specialists, constantly works among young people and prepares them to participate in competitions and Olympiads. In particular, at the initiative of the National innovation Fund support of the Russian Federation in the field of education, in cooperation with the MSU Branch in Dushanbe with the support of the international Olympiads organization, from 2 to 5 March at TSULBP was held the first round of Open international Internet Olympiad for students in subjects economics, computer science and mathematics. More than 300 University students took part in this event.
As a result, four student of TSULBP Turgunov Rauf student of 3rd course of the specialty Technologies and information systems in Economics, faculty of innovation and telecommunication, Kodirov Islomiddin – the student of 1 course of the specialty world economy, faculty of business and management, Marizoev Daler and Tursunova Sabrina, the students of the 2nd course of specialty banking, faculty of finance had advanced to the second round of the Open international Internet-Olympiad for students. The second round of the Open international Internet Olympiad for students will be held at the branch of the Moscow state University in late March and early April this year in the Dushanbe.

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