New year greetings from the rector of TSULBP professor Sharifzoda Mumin

Dear colleagues, teachers and students!
I heartily congratulate you on the upcoming New, 2020 Year!
Under the wise and creative leadership of the Founder of Peace and National unity – Leader of the nation, President of Tajikistan His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, 2019 was marked by significant achievements in the life of the Tajik people and our independent country. With the announcement 2019-2021 years ” Year of Village Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts”, the revival of national crafts on the threshold of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Tajikistan State independence, execution of creative work dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the National Independence Day, the launch of the second hydroelectric unit of the “Rogun” were the significant historical events of 2019.
Last year was truly historic for our University. Successful completion of International Accreditation and obtaining certificates for three existing specialties of the University, successful defense of scientific dissertations by 11 teachers, signing of bilateral agreements with 8 educational and scientific institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, building of a new sports hall for 400 seats with a small fitness room with all conditions for training for the worthy celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Republic of Tajikistan Independence Day, active participation and triumph of our students in various university, regional and national competitions, the participation of our students in international level sports competitions and taking honorable places are truly unique achievements and successes achieved in 2019. In general, the past year was marked by excellent events for the University staff as the result of the fruitful work of the faculty and students.
I am deeply convinced that due to the peace, unity and inspiring impression of the past year, we will achieve better results in the New year in order to strengthen the foundations of state independence, improvement and prosperity of our beloved Tajikistan.
With the expression of my best hopes and aspirations, I wish everyone in the New 2020-year good health, well-being, prosperity of our Motherland-Tajikistan stability, tranquility, lasting unity and further progress.

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