TSULBP’s International Cooperation Development. The second Central Asian rectors’ higher professional education establishments forum

In the recent history of our statehood, thanks to a humanitarian policy of a founder of peace and national unity – the leader of a nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, strengthening of bilateral relations and establishment of diplomatic relations with developed countries of the world as an implementation of an “open door” diplomacy have expanded, both in scope and size. Within the framework of “Open Door” policy and negotiations, identification of priority areas of international relations in the field of science and education made it possible for Tajik State University of  Law, Business and Politics to expand international activities with foreign partners and colleagues. In this field, cooperation agreements were signed with more than 80 educational institutions, scientific centers and international organizations.

On October 5-6, 2023, the Second Forum of Rectors of Vocational Higher Education Institutions of Central Asian States was held at the State University of Radio Engineering and Informatics in Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan and more than 14 rectors of higher professional education institutions took part in the work of a Forum.

Rector of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics Professor Sharifzoda M.M. made a speech on the topic “Development of international relations as a factor of ensuring the quality of education”, which was held in the main building of National Technical University of Belarus. In his speech, rector mentioned that expansion of university’s cooperation with foreign colleagues brought good results and were and will be beneficial.

The level and quality of education has been improved, and some of university specialties have received international accreditation certificates. International cooperation helps to ensure quality of educational programs and education, and is considered a solid step on the way to entering global education space and international ranking among higher education institutions.

In the end, Mumin Sharifzoda spoke about conditions and opportunities of studying at the university and mentioned that we are ready to establish effective cooperation with all universities.

In the forum, between institutions of higher professional education of the Republic of Tajikistan and institutions of higher professional education of the Republic of Belarus, special agreements were signed, in particular, between the State University of Law, Business and Politics of Tajikistan and 9 institutions of higher professional education of the Republic of Belarus, including: State University of Economics of Belarus, Institute of Belarusian entrepreneurship, International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Belarusian University of Law and Social-Information Technologies, Belarusian Institute of Parliamentary and Entrepreneurship, Baranovichi State University, Polotsk State University named after E. Polotsk, Belarusian National Technical University and Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala.

The main goal of signing mutual agreements is further development of scientific and educational cooperation, development of new methods to improve the quality of education, exchange of qualified teachers to teach students, conducting joint scientific and research work in scientific research, defending scientific theses, participation in scientific-practical and scientific-theoretical conferences, conferences and seminars, writing textbooks, scientific-research works, educational manuals, and thus aligning the quality of education to global standards and strengthening university scientific and educational capacity.

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