First International Central Asian countries Forum of Rectors

On May 13, 2022, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University hosted the First International Central Asian countries Forum of Rectors. More than 130 representatives of the ministries of education and science, universities of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and international organizations took part in the Forum. TSULBP was represented at the forum by our university vice-rector for International relations, Doctor of Economics, professor Babadzhanov D.D.
Such events, including the conference of the Central Asian countries Ministers of Education held in 2020, serve as an impetus for enhancing international, interregional and interuniversity communication, allowing for active and high-quality interaction.
The forum emphasized the importance of expanding cooperation and sharing best practices between scientific organizations and universities in Central Asia it will contribute to economic stability and improve the quality of life for future generations. As the participants of the forum noted, the main priority of the forum of rectors is to maximize the development of multilateral relations between universities. Thus, an atmosphere of mutual understanding between representatives of science and education will be created, the process of internationalization of national higher education will be strengthened, the exchange of students and ways of developing the academic mobility of teachers will be expanded. In turn, this will create additional opportunities for promoting a positive image of the country in the international arena and maintaining national interests at the global level.
Within the framework of the international event, sessions were held on the topic “Global competitiveness, mobility of staff and university students” and “Digital transformation of universities and integration of the research space of Central Asian countries”, representatives of Central Asian universities shared their experience in solving many issues in educational and scientific programs, organizing joint research between countries, and also discussed areas for further cooperation.
At the end of the forum, important bilateral program documents and agreements were signed between the universities of the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan such as TSULBP bilateral agreement with TURAN UNIVERSITY and ZHETYSU UNIVERSITY. And also the recommendations of the forum of rectors on the development of the work plan of the universities of the countries of Central Asia were adopted:
1. Maintain and implement academic independence guided by the principles of corporate governance of higher institutions;
2. Strive for the convergence of higher education systems based on the harmonization of the educational systems of the regional countries, taking into account national needs;
3. Assist in the internationalization of educational programs, the development of joint and double-degree educational programs;
4. Use and develop various forms of mobility (physical, digital/virtual or mixed format) for the exchange and internship of students, teachers and staff;
5. Facilitate the opening of branches / representative offices of universities in other countries of Central Asia;
6. Look for and apply opportunities to increase the interoperability of digital systems and the exchange of data between students and universities, respecting confidentiality and security.

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