Center for registration and consulting

Center for registration and consulting

The creation of a registration and consultation center in the credit training system is the need for such a structure in the process of credit training. In our university, the center was organized in August 2012 and is still active today.

First year, only 2 academic groups in two specialties (060600 - the world economy and 060400 - finance and credit) were founded on the credit education system. In 2008-2009 academic years, 14 academic groups in 5 specialties joined the credit system of education (060400-finance and credit, 060402 - tax and taxation, 060600 - world economy, 071900 - information systems in the economy and 060800 - business and enterprise economics).

Thus, in the subsequent of academic years, step by step, all other specialties of the university were transferred to the credit system of education.

The registration and consultation center is an office that provides services for the registration of all forms of educational activities and the achievements of students during their studies. The responsibility of this office includes all types of control based on the results of students training and determining their academic ratings.

 According to the regulations on the credit system of education in higher professional educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan, the function of the registration and consultation center consists of the following:

 - preparation the samples of different documentation for students and teachers according to working and individual work plans;

 -organization of student’s registration and symbolic designation for the whole year, as well as teachers for studying compulsory and elective subjects with the help of advisers;

 -creation and control of academic calendars observance;

 -organization and control over the implementation of score-rating types of evaluation during the educational and examination process;

 - academic groups and lecture streams development based on the results of registrations and the choose of elective disciplines;

 -control the flow of current, boundary and final controls;

 - providing students with the necessary regulatory documents;

 - completion of personal study sheets for students;

 - summarizing the results of the final and final control of subjects, determining the ranking of students and providing it to the deans of faculties for analysis and further actions;

 - at the end of each semester, the definition of the average GPA of each student and their compliance with accepted standards;

 - providing information to the deans of faculties and the head of the training unit for analysis and taking further action to students who received grades Ғ, according with GPA which are below the accepted standards;

 -organization of the summer semester and summing up its results;

 - preparation of transcripts (academic certificates, diploma applications) for each student;

 -official registration and introduction of changes in individual plans of students up to a certain period;

 - preparation of the order of admission to the examination session on the basis of rating tests;

 - preparation of the draft order for transfer from the course to the course on the basis of the results of the examination session and the level of the GPA;

 - organization of the summer and winter examination sessions;

 - systematize the transcript (academic sheet, diploma application) for each student.

The department regulates the educational process in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the credit system of education, approved by the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The registration and consultation center uses an automated program for management of the educational process "SCART" in its work. This program automates the process of summarizing the results of the final and final controls in the subjects, the definition of the students' rating in the shortest possible time.

At the current moment, the head of the office and 10 office registrars work in the registration and consultation center (in the internal department there are 6 employees and 4 employees in the correspondence department).