Lyceum of the Tajik state University of law, business and politics


of the Tajik state University of law, business and politics –

the guarantee of the qualitative teaching and education

Lyceum was founded with the decree of the university’s scientist’s council from 10.11.2010, #3, with the purpose of finding talented and gifted pupils, giving a good and modern teaching and training the pupils to enter all professional high institutes, first of all to the Tajik state University of  law, business and politics. Lyceum has a license and certificate about conducting educational activity.       

The founder of the Lyceum is the Tajik state University of law, business and politics.

Lyceum conducts its activity on the base of the orders, decrees of the Founder of the national peace and unity, the Leader of the nation, the President of  Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, the Constitution of Tajikistan, the Law of the Republic of  Tajikistan “About education”, the decrees of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the orders of the Ministry of the education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Educational administration of the region and the Educational department of Khujand town.

Lyceum has 10 classrooms, 4  studies, 2 laboratories, 1 study of computer science, 1 meeting hall and a library.

In the lyceum 28 teachers with the high education concern with the pupils’ teaching and education, that one of them is a candidate of a mathematical science, docent, 7 honors of education of  Republic of  Tajikistan, 18 of them have the high and first degree of qualification.   

  The curriculum of the lyceum constituted on the base of the curriculum of the institutes of the secondary education, lyceums and gymnasiums, which was confirmed with the decree of the extraordinary session of the  Ministry of the education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan from 05.08.2015, #19/1, it was confirmed with the decree of the pedagogical council from 30.08.2016, #1 and was confirmed with the Minister of the education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

In the 2017-2018 school-year with the purpose of raising the interests of the pupils to the learning  subjects and improving the quality of the pupils’ knowledge in the lyceum is organized 7 clubs: “We are learning computer science”, “young mathematics”, “Let’s learn Russian”, “Skillful hands”, “Draughtsman”, “The world of the English language”, “The young naturalists”, which are managed by the talented teachers and the works of these clubs are leading on the base of the corresponding calendar plans.  

In the lyceum proceeds 6 methodical unions, which act on the base of the confirmed plans. In the meetings of the methodical unions the questions connecting with methodical and methods of teaching are considered and analysed,  open lessons and creative lessons are analysed and are given corresponding recomandations.  

In the 2017-2018 school-year to the lyceum 250 pupils are engaged to the study, including 75 girls. in the lyceum proceeds 15 classes, among them 4 classes (10a, 10b, 11a, 11b) with the natural-mathematical bias. 

From the first year of activity 177 pupils of the 11th grade graduate the lyceum, 136 of them entered the Universities of the Republic of Tajikistan, including Tajik state University of  law, business and politics and 22 school-leavers are continuing their studying in the foreign countries. 

The first school-leavers of the lyceum of the 2016 year have already graduated Universities and enlisted the services in different spheres of the national economy.

 The pupils of the lyceum take an active part in the different town competitions and always take the prize places. So, in this school-year in the competition “A gold autumn” and “Choose the healthy life style” took the 2nd and 3rd places. Also in the competitions “A young technician”, “The best reader”, “Reading “Shakhname””, “The best composition” took the prize places.

Thanks to the efficient and innovative activity of the teachers and regular control on the administrator’s side of the lyceum, the improvement of the indexes on the quality of the knowledge and prize places of the pupils in the Olympiads and competitions is tracing  in the recent years.

Including, on the Olympiads in the 201-2018 school-year: in the frame of the town 4 pupils by the Tajik language, mathematics, Russian language, computer science, geography, English language took the 1,2,3 places and got a permit to the regional Olympiad.   3 pupils took part in the regional Olympiad by the Russian language, Tajik language and mathematics, and took the 3rd place. One of the pupils of the 11th grade Usmonova Adiba took part in the republican Olympiad by the Russian language.

In this year also pupils took part the town session of Small academy of science with their research work on the actual themes. In the results 7 pupils of the lyceum by Russian language, ecology, Tajik language and literature, chemistry and biology took the prize 1,2,3 places.

The library of the lyceum has teaching - methodical literature, fiction books, newspapers and magazines and the fund of the library compiles 3223 books, 2305 of them are textbooks with 86 denomination.  The current schoolyear the fund of the fictions books of the lyceum are increased into 400 books.  Also to provide the pupils with the textbooks completely, with the intercession of  the educational department of the town some denomination of the books were bought for the primary and secondary forms.