In the second half of the day in the sector continued the work of the international scientific-theoretical conference "ties between the countries of Central Asia: status and prospects". 

More than 100 reports were presented and discussed in four sectors.  Depending on the directions of the conference in the scientific report of the speakers: aspects of legal regulation of migration processes in the Central Asian States; modern methods of legal regulation of migration processes in the States of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan; problems of regional security; problems of regional integration in the Central Asian region; strengthening relations of Tajik-Uzbek nationality; terrorism as a factor against secretarial processes; the threat of terrorism and international extremism on the security of States and Central Asia;;  the importance of studying national culture and spiritual values in the fight against extremism; the reasons for the emergence and spread of religious extremist organizations and the involvement of young people in it; Russia's foreign policy in the region after the liquidation of the Soviet Union; directions of cooperation of Central Asian countries in ensuring the security of the region; geopolitical issues of the Central Asian region; environmental security of the region; involvement of foreign investment in the world experience; strengthening the processes of globalization for individual countries; development of the national economy within the framework of regional integration.; useful conclusions and recommendations on the formation of interregional cooperation of the Central Asian States, the practice of currency regulation in some foreign countries were studied and presented.

                                                        Department of analysis and relationships

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