Today, the International Accreditation Commission has started its work at Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics with the purpose of familiarization in preparing for international accreditation of some specialties at TSULBP.

The commission consists of the chairman Akybaeva Gulvira Sovetbekovna, members Krivtsov Artem Igorevich, Kurmangali Medeu Shungenuli, Gafurov Khairullo Mirzamonovich, Movkebaeva Galiya Ahmetvalievna, the observers Kahorzoda Mehrdod, and students Burkhonov Mirzoazam and Ayman Bekbolatovna.  

According to the working program, the delegation of expert commission on international accreditation hold a meeting with the Vice-rectors for academic affairs, science and innovation, international relations, educational work, as well as economics and finance. In the course of the meeting, the members of the Commission were able to get acquaint with the work of the structures subordinated to the Vice –rectors. 

In the course of the commission work, there was a meeting with the heads of the departments sections, departments and sub-departments of the TSULBP too.

We will constantly inform readers with the course and the results of the expert commission work.

Analytical and public relation department

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