Chair of Criminal Law and Criminology

Akhmedov Narzullohon Izattulloevich

Chair of Criminal Law and Criminology

 Chair of Criminal Law and Criminalism was established in 1996 by the order of the university rector №31. The head of the department is the candidate of legal sciences, associate professor N. Akhmedov is in custody.

The goal of establishing a department as a component of law faculty is to provide educational and educational, methodical and educational work among students and teachers.

The main objectives of the department are to organize and conduct lectures, seminars, laboratory and other educational activities in accordance with curricula; the head of the department of education, production, training, course works, diplomacy works as preparation of tests for independent students; organization and introduction of educational activities among students; development and publishing of educational programs on contemporary disciplines, elaboration of scientific thesaurus, textbooks, educational tools, methodological guides, etc.

The Department carries out research studies on preventing organized crime, including crimes related to terrorism and extremist, corruption, human trafficking, illicit drug trafficking. The faculty members and teachers of the department are taught to the following subjects: law enforcement, criminal justice, criminal justice, criminal justice, criminal justice, lawyers, crimes of terrorism and extremist; corruption offenses and so on.

Teachers of the department have been published several scientific journals, textbooks, instructional materials, methodological guides, educational and methodological education and scientific articles.

Different years in the Department of Honorary Staff of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Tajikistan P.P. Pochomulloev, H. Sanginov, NB Berdiev., F.N. Qutduddinova, veterinary law enforcement officers, Karimov., S.S. Saidov and others engaged in pedagogic activity

At the present time, the department is working in the faculty and the following teachers: associate-n. Ахмедов., А.А. Muhitdinov, B.K. Kabilov; secondary school teachers A.A.Jurabayev, K.I. Pullotov, N.A, Mullojonova, M.M. Karimova, M.N. Ziyobayeva, A.A. Saydulloev, M. F. Hamidova and assistants - Z.K. Umarov, S.Kh. Nematodzoda, N.M, Nodirov, R.R. Ahmedov, А.H. Rofieva Z. Aminov, and the chair of the department A.R,Mamadzhonova.