The decan of faculty

The decan of faculty Akhmedov Narzullohon Izattulloevich,

associate professor of Law Sciences

            The law faculty works from the first days of foundation of the university and it is one of prestigious faculties of the university. The faculty has been founded in 1994 on the basis of correspondence department of law department of TGNU and had the name - law department and the international relations of the Tajik state university of law, business and politics. The matchless organizer and the enterprising head, associate professor of Law Sciences, Hasanov Soliboy was the first dean of the called faculty. In the next years for different years associate professors of Law Sciences, Oripov T. O., Gafforova N.A. , Boltuev S. Sh., Sanginov H.S., Akhmedov N.I., candidate of pedagogical sciences Kamolov M.K. Now associate professor of Law Sciences, Kenjayev Sh.Y., directs faculty.

           The purpose and the main task of faculty is a training of highly qualified specialists in law enforcement, public and executive bodies and lawyers in the different enterprises.

           In a general law are included in educational process of faculty: knowledge of the state, government employee, judicial right and public prosecutor's supervision, streamlining of the rights of civil, enterprise and international law.

            Forms of education: internal office (term of training of 5 years), correspondence department (term of training of 6 years), second higher education (training term 4 years), magistracy (training term 3 years).

            Research work of scientists and teachers of law department – Oripova T. O., Boltueva S. Sh., Kenjaeva Sh.Y., Akhmedova N.I., Rakhmatulloeva A.E., Obidova D.S., Sanavarova K.T., Mukhtorova K.T., Artykova Z.M., Mukhiddinova A., Boboeva A.H., Shokirova G., Solieva I., Homidova N., Amonova A.D., in the field of the theory of the state and the right, constitutional right, the enterprise and commercial right, civil, labor and administrative law and public prosecutor's supervision are of great importance in development of science law.

          Such departments as the theory and history of state and law (PhD in Law Obidov D.S.), constitutional right are a part of faculty (PhD in Law Boboyev A.), the civil and labor law (PhD in Law, associate professor Sanavvarov G.), criminal law and criminalistics (PhD in Law Akhmedov N.I.), judicial right and public prosecutor's supervision (professor Rahmatulloev A.E.), enterprise and international law (associate professor Samadov B.O).

        The faculty consists of 64 people, of them 1 doctor of science, professor and 18 – candidates of science, associate professors.

      The management of faculty: the dean – PhD in Law, associate Akhmedov.N.I., deputy dean for science, PhD in Law Soliyev I., deputy dean for education, senior teacher Qurbonnazarov B.A.