Chair of Management


The Head of the Chair of Management

Assistant professor Khodjaeva D. A.

The  of Management was founded by the decision of Scientific Council of the University №8 dated from 01.03.06 attached to Department of Management and Agrobusiness founded by order of the Rector of the University by number №6 from 19.01.04.

Reorganization of the chair afforded ground for formulating. He main purpose of its further development – setting up the body of highly qualified lectures and scientists who are able to train the managers of high standard, to solve the urgent scientific – practical problems and the strategics of achieving the goals and the ways of their realization as well.

The activity of the members of the chair is directed to improve the educational, scientific work.

The following specialists as Abdulloev Z.R., Sattorov M.S., Asrorova M.A., Zokirova Sh.M. headed the chair at different periods of time. Beginning from September 2015 till the present  time Khodjaeva D.A. the candidate of economic science, is at the head of the chair of  management. At present 15 highly qualified specialists work at the chair, 5 of them are candidates of  sciences and 9 of them are lecturers.

The research works of the lecturers of the chair are aimed at researching the wide spectrum of problems connected with “Strategy of modern management in the development of the region”.

5 monographs and more than 100 scientific articles are published by the lectures of the chair, which reflect the main trends of the research work of the chair.

To provide the educational process the teachers of the chair use modern curriculums including two directions of training specialists, which became the based on modern theory and practices of management. The peculiarities of political economic and cultural lives of Tajik society are taken into consideration and reflected by lecturers of the chair in the course of their lectures. The curriculums on the educational discipline (more than 40 disciplines) the summaries of the lectures, educational-methodical supplies are regularly renovated.

The subjects of individual studies course papers and diploma works are topical and conformed to the problems of the country is enterprises in different sphere of activities and forms of property. The transition of education according. To the Balon    system of education (is put into practice) and new    curriculums a working programs are worked out.

  The main idea  of  the additional  process at the University on the work at the chair -  is many – sided education, a particular specialty it depends on the requirements of   economic reforms in our country.

Taking into account the potentialities of the library in providing the educational process with the modern educational supplies a methodical materials, chair    is working at creation of electronic library, the usage of  which gives the opportunity to transfer the education process to qualitative new level of development the lecturers of the chair worked out /

The  educational – methodical supplies (complexes) in two languages (Tajik a Russian languages)        according to the disciplenes:

1. Management. by Oripov A.A., Shamciev F.K., Toshev T.G., Abdurahmonova B.C., (Russian)

2.   Management.  Asrorova A.A.,  Shamciev F.K., Kosimova, Asisova N.H., Haddjbaeva M.A.

3. The management of the organization.

4. Statics.

5. Economic analysis.

The above mentioned allows us to conclude that, the educational process at high level, which mats the requirement of training modern specialists to work in the condition of market economy in Tajikistan.

At present the chair prepares the students according to the following specialties:   

1-26.01.01-State management  (bachelor’s degree full-time a correspondence courses )

1- management  (bachelor’s degree full-time education)

1-26.02.02- Management (Master’s degree)