Chair of Marketing and Agribusiness


Chair of Marketing and Agribusiness

Chief of the chair - candidate of economic sciences,

Associate professor Mirsaidov Saidakmal Abrorovich

 The chair of Marketing and Agribusiness was founded by the decision of the Academic Council of the University under #9 from July 9, 2001 and the order of the rector under # 57/1 from August 20, 2001.

With the goal of improvement of education quality according to the order of the rector of the university #164 from September 13, 2002 the chair was transferred to the Faculty of Finance and Management. Teachers of the department conducted classes at all four faculties of the university.

On the basis of the decision of the Academic Council of the TSULBP from January 2013, the chair was included to the structure of the faculty of Business and Management.

Scientific - research activity of the department is directed to the problems of determining the development of ecological and economic production of agriculture, development and problems of effective use of natural resources, providing the population with food products of agriculture, studying the state of use of irrigated and irrigated lands, and determining indicators of the ecological and economic activities of agricultural enterprises. And on the basis of these studies, the presentation of ways to meet the demand of the population for basic organic products of agriculture.

According to aforementioned scientific direction, more than 60 scientific articles were published by the faculty members:  Mirsaidov S.A. a monograph on the theme "Market transformation of agrarian land use and problems of reproduction of its fertility". - Dushanbe, Irfon, 2011. – 144p.

The educational process at the department is conducted on the basis of the curriculum and work program. Teachers of the department conduct classes according the following disciplines: Marketing, Marketing research, Organization and management of agricultural enterprises, Agribusiness, Agriculture Economics, Ecology, Geography of Tajikistan with the basics of demography and etc.

For each discipline the teachers of the chair compiled TMC, methodical recommendations (in Tajik and Russian languages):

1.Ashurov S.Kh., Azimov A., Mirsaidov S. "Methodical  recommendations on the study of the organization of agricultural  production" - Khujand, 2011.

2.Madaminov A.A, Usmonov R., Kurbonova S.S. "Methodical recommendations for studying the basics of marketing for students, postgraduates, teachers and entrepreneurs." Khujand, 2011.

3.  Kodirova N.A, Aminov M.Kh. "Methodological recommendations for the study of Economic Geography of the Republic of Tajikistan" - Khujand, "Noshir", 2012-45p.

4.Mukhiddinov M., Khodzhanazarova M.I., Sanginova M.Y. "Methodological recommendations for the study of the Ecology" -  Khujand 2014 – 130p.