Master’s degree department

According to the order of the Minister of education of the RT from 24.04.2013 № 958 at the Tajik state University of law, business and politics to progress the educational activities for master’s degree were allowed such specialities as: political science, finance and credit, management, world economy, information systems and technologies (in Economics).

At the first year activities of the Department (2013-2014) 43 master’s degree were accepted by the rector of the University.

Master’s degree department from the beginning of its activities tries to prepare of highly qualified master’s degree.

The main purpose of master’s degree department is to provide and supervise the training of highly qualified scientific, scientific - pedagogical, and also increasing the strength intellectual of the Tajik State University of law, business and politics. The main tasks of Department:

- participation in organization and taking entrance examinations at Master's degree;

- regulation and supervision of educational process and scientific activities of Master’s degree

- collection of information and to prepare methodological materials for entrance to Master’s degree;

- the constant preparation and regulation of documentation  at the department;

- folding formation of information on Master’s degree contingent,;

- supervision fulfilling individual plan  of master’s degree and regulation of their report;

- to provide timely the execution of tasks administration of the university to master’s degree department.

Master’s degree Department takes the main place in providing competitiveness for two step of higher education (bachelor-master). At the same time, the Department assists including the University training of highly qualified specialists will contribute to global space.

Department staff:  the head of Master’s degree Department associate professor, candidate of economic science Ummatov I.A.

Leading specialist of Master’s degree Department – Karimova  Umeda Abduhalilovna

Address: Khujand city, 17 MD, house №1, tel. 2 –75-32,