Past and Future of the University

Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics as a kind effective fruit of Independence now is on the eve of significant holiday, 25th anniversary of establishment of this centre of education and science.

Today TSULBP is under the great consideration of Leader of Nation, the Founder of peace and national unity, the President of Tajikistan, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon who has mentioned in his interview for “World of Business” journal on January 24, 1995: “Tajik State University of law, business and politics in the reform of legislation is an “intellectual centre” and will train high qualified specialists in the sphere of entrepreneur, commerce and international law”. Forwarding all its strength for promotion and prosperity of high professional education system as an educational and upbringing centre of creative, innovative generation who meet the requirement of contemporary world demand and is the main task of the university.

The government of Tajik Republic pays a great attention for implementation of major educational reforms, organization of new educational establishments, establishment of modern technological bases of high educational institutions, promotion of educational and upbringing process, advancement of learning quality. For fulfillment of these plans the president of Tajik Republic Emomali Rahmon on September 9, 2008 paid a visit to our university on the celebration of 15th university anniversary and put the first brick of a new corps of our university. The President during his speech before the university staff and students mentioned: “Though Tajik State University of law, business and politics is still young and is only performing its 15th year activity, we can emphasize the existence of this educational centre and its effectiveness as a pivotal achievement of our country’s independence. As the commencement of this university’s activity is equal with the new era of country’s history – Independence of Tajik Republic and meets up to date demands and requirements of high establishments.

The President of our country paid his second visit on August 5, 2011 during festive putting into operation the new building of our university, highly appreciated achievements of university staff and students and pointed out: “I am sure that authority and professor staff of Tajik State University of law, business and politics using all possible chances will work effectively for promotion of scientific, educational and upbringing of valuable specialists, for strengthening of  independent state power”.

1992-1993 years were difficult for newly got independence country. In spite of coming to the end of civil war, political and social-economic crisis, spiritual and moral crisis in Tajik society, the President first of all paid a great attention to advance particularly the sphere of education and science. There were founded new research and educational institutions in various regional parts which prove once more that Tajik people are enlighteners.

Foundation of TSULBP according to the decree of Minister’s Council of Tajikistan #364 from the 5 May, 1993, Executive Committee Deputy’s Council of Leninabad region (now Sughd) #98, from 31 March, 1994 as a specialist preparation institution in the areas of law, management, internal and external policy, world economy, entrepreneurship, finance, information system and other significant majors of country’s economy are one of the newest historical events of our country.

The role of a famous and experienced scientist of Tajik cooperation, Meritorious Economist of Tajik Republic, professor Arslonbek Gozibekov for implementation of these initiatives are considerable. Under the leadership of this good and kind man, who was in a position of a rector from 1994-1999, university staff worked hard to strengthen its status and role in the difficult time of transformation into market economy.

This was a very critical phase for our university, establishment of university educational department(July, 1994), opening of law and social sciences chairs, foundation of law and international relation faculties, creation of economical sciences, high mathematics and general study chairs are considered significant and basic measures.

Further achievements are connected with the establishment of theory of state and constitutional law (August 20, 1996), civil law, international entrepreneurship, criminal law and criminalistics, audit and accounting report chairs, opening of International Economical Relations(1996-1997) raised the status of our university among country high establishments. In 1997 on the bases of language chairs two more independent chairs were founded: foreign languages and Tajik and Arabic chairs. Defense of the first doctoral dissertation on economy (by Abdusamadov A.), graduation of first 4 majors were the significant event in the educational and scientific life of our university.

Since December 1999 the doctor of philosophy, professor, Meritorious science and technique figure of Tajikistan Homid Rizoqulovich Pulodov was appointed a rector of TSULBP. Particularly in this period, by the support of the head of state, the President of the country Emomali Rahmon and Executive Power of Tajik Republic #7 from the February 3, 2000 the building of “Irsovkhozstroy” of the Ministry of Melioration and Tajik Water Economy fully was transformed into TSULBP’s balance. In the course of its development in the science field scientific university journal was registered in Ministry of Culture and Information of the Tajik Republic. (January 28, 2000), was opened post graduators’ course according 12 majors (February 2, 2000), commencement of small editing house’s activity, was organized publishing edition council, beginning of young scientist’s activity, holding the first international scientific conference on the topic: “Tajikistan’s international economical relation sphere” (December 21, 2001), and opening of central university library (January 31, 2001) were a series of important events for our university. Alongside with it foundation of computer classes, Physical Education chair (October30, 2000), Military chair (December 29, 2000), Russian language chair (September 13, 2002) raised the prestige of the university. These important events are registered in the history book of the university: organization of university upbringing department and festively putting into operation the new scientific library (2006).

With the appointment of the famous social political figure, doctor of history, professor Karimov O. Q. the rector of TSULBP from December 18, 2006 the new qualitative university promotion and development began.  The most significant development event of this period is the visit of the head of state, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon in honoring the15th anniversary of our university (September 9, 2008) and his mandate fully and festively  put into use the new corps of university till the August 5, 2011, which is recorded with gold letters in the university history book.

Establishment of science departments, learning quality department (early 2007), university newspaper “Mavoi Khirad”(2007), the international relation department’s commenting its activity (2007), university ensemble “Oshyoni Mehr”, organization of  four faculty structure promotion centers and using internal science and educational resources  to addition to four existing faculties to open two more new faculties: Computer Technology and Accounting (2007-2008) and Innovation and Technology (2008-2009). To organize the process of education according to up to date programs and teach such a courses as system of information in economy, mathematical methods in economy, automation of information processing, management of finance credit activity etc. will raise further promotion of our university.

 ”Foundation of historical museum (2011), Defense Candidacy Council commencement its activity (2011), entering the list of High Attestation Commission of Russian Federation registration of scientific-theoretical journal (2011), opening of under university lyceum (2011) has put a strong basement in promotion of university position in the system of high professional education of our country

Juraboev J.H. was appointed a rector of TSULBP in 2012, 11th of May. Technoligical Park, Research Educational and university stable development  (2012), Defence candidacy and doctoral Councils according two majors: 08.00.01 – economical theory, 08.00.05 – economy and economy management (2013), Masters department (2014), Electronic test center (2015), PhD according law and economy majors, youth Council named “Science and Contemporary Society”, innovation exhibition in the frame of INOCAST, under the band of “Oshyoni Mehr” Studio “Parvozi Istedod” and dancing group “Hushchirom”  (2016) were founded in this period.

According to Tajik Government under #129 decree from May 1 and since 5, 2017 doctor of economy, professor Sharifzoda Mumin Mashokir was appointed the rector of TSULBP.

Today university scientific and educational activity is going on according the tasks and wishes of Leader of Nation, the Founder of peace and national unity, the President of Tajikistan, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon and his addresses and speeches on the Day of Knowledge and opening of Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Currently the number of students is totally 6411. Students are trained according 22 modern majors.

There are 3 educational corpuses, a centered educational scientific library, a dormitory, 4 canteens, a specialized study, 3 halls, 4 computer classes.

There are 349 teachers, as well as 17 doctors of sciences and 122 candidates of sciences in the university.

1274 students have graduated from the university in 2017-2017, 41 of whom has got honorary diplomas. This year 1320 applicants has entered the university through National Test Center and fulfilled 96 % of plan. At the same time 120 applicants entered the University for the Second Diploma and 196 for Masters Degree.

Since September of this year two groups from the Law and Innovation faculties are studying through distance learning.

The major 1-40.01.02 has passed state examination through test in university test center.

Two university professors – the dean of Innovation and Telecommunication faculty Gayurov Hakim and director of educational center “Marifat” Ahmedov Rahmathuja were awarded the title of professors of Nature Sciences of Russian Federation Academy in 2016-2017. The Exhibition of Economy Achievements of Russian Federation was held in 2017, September 6-10 in Moscow which organized 30th fair of international books. Textbook of the associate professor Gayurov Hakim “Computer Course (basic course)” is considered the textbook meeting the educational standard, and the author was awarded with diploma and gold medal.

Since the beginning of 2017 more than 250 various upbringing, cultural and sport measures about learning of the Leader of Nation, the Founder of peace and national unity, the President of Tajikistan, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon’s works, promotion of nation self-conscious, the harm of extremist groups, break of law and its consequences, ecological and cultural upbringing and etc. were held, 26 times was organized a meeting with representatives of juridical structure and diverse organizations.

The students from diverse regions and cities of our country: Badakhshon Mountaneous Region, Khatlon region, Sughd region, subordinate center region and Dushanbe live in the dormitory.  There is a library, computer study with internet access, hall, sewing workshop, cultural circle, sewing circle “Handy girls”, “Atlas and adras-knitting” in the dormitory.

The university has taken the first place in city Navruz measure.

Nowadays the university has 54 memorandum of understanding with overseas educational and scientific establishments: Russia, USA, India, Japan, Finland, Ukraine, Belorussia, China, Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan.

7 students and 5 teachers were sent to Chinese People’s Republic language centre to learn Chinese language with the assistance of Confucius Centre.  Grants were delivered in the frame of Shanghais Cooperation Organization University through which 7 students and a researcher were sent to Russia’s universities. And 5 more students are studying in Narxoz University. 

Generally, exchange of students with collaborating universities are well organized and now 15 students and professors are studying and making research in foreign country universities through exchange programs.

  On June 6, 2017 on the initiative of Siberian Food Cooperation University was held webinar in the frame of Forum of students of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.  Representatives of 4 universities (2 Russian and 2 Tajik) have taken part. The main target of the webinar is exchange of experience of collaborative educational programs in the frame of web programs and defining strategic directions of cooperation.

The meeting of collaborating universities in the frame of ERASMUS+TACES program was held on 5-6 July, 2017.

Three memorandums of understanding with Ural Federative University were concluded in the frame of SCO.

Our university also makes a lot of charities. For example, 6 material financial aids were rendered to special school of deaf and blind children and kindergartens. 

30 university teachers were awarded with memorable gifts and prizes on the initiative of university professional union committee on Teachers’ Day.

With the purpose of landscape gardening and arrangement of green spaces various kinds of flowers were bought: 1000 tulips, 100 salvia, 1100 katarantus and more than 100 decorative trees were planted and are growing.

643 modern computers, 46 laptops, 183 printers, 146 UPC, 106 projectors, 5 electronic boards, 19 TV sets, 36 projector screens, 114 cameras are bought with the purpose of  promotion and provision of  educational process and research centers with material technical base, 57 controlling cameras are fixed in the faculties of university  to control educational process.

2017 year is considered a year of responsibility, success and self-consciousness for the young generation of our republic because 2017 year is announced the Year of Youth by the Leader of Nation, the Founder of peace and national unity, the President of Tajikistan, his Excellency  Emomali Rahmon.  Announcement of the Year of Youth by our President is a historical event in our country and first of all it shows the care of government and state particularly the leader of nation towards the young generation.

There was composed a special plan of measures in Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics for the Year of Youth.  There was held a number of measures, scientific practical conferences: “Youth upbringing in modern society: problems and ways of their solutions”, “Young people and contemporary society matters”, “Leader of nation’s peaceful school – a guideline of youth for today’s and futures prosperity ” according to plan in the university.  At the same time, the contest “The best young teacher” was held on May 3, 2017 in the circle of  the Year of Youth for implementation of  our President's speeches devoted to the “2017 year is a Year of Youth”. The winners were awarded by the university authority: for the first place – 1000 somon, for the second place 700 somon, for the third place 500 somon and for the fourth and fifth places 300 somon, presents and diplomas.

  It is pleasant to underline that currently several textbooks were published by our students. They are: the student of the 4th course of law faculty Ismatjon Jumaev  under the title “1001 questions and answers about law matters”, the students of the 4th course of Political science and International relation faculty Zavqiddin Ergashev under the title “International and Regional Organizations”, the student of the 4th course of law faculty, the member of small science Academy of Tajik republic Muhib Erboev introduced his fourth book “Brief Summary of State and Law Basis” to readers.

  Karimova Mahfuza, Alimov Ruslan, Rofiev Manuchehr participated in the concluding students’ Olympiad of republican high  establishments for “The Cup of Tajik Republic Academy of Science” has taken prize places.

  Kushnaryuk Artyom according the program “Compiling Mobile Program of Microbuses Routine in Khujand city” participated in “Students’ Republican Festival of Innovators and Creators” and has taken the diploma of the third level.

6 university students took part in competition of young students among   country secondary and high institutions for revealing skilled and creative young people dedicated to the “Youth Year” on the initiative of Young Sport Committee Affairs under the Government of Tajik Republic in Dushanbe, have taken the first place were awarded the Cup of Tajik Football Federation, diploma and memorable presents.

 This year the students of our university participating in “Club of Merry and Smart” became winners of regional contest and have taken a route sheet to republican competition dedicated to Youth Year. The competition was held in Dushanbe city, where “Zakiyon” team of Tajik state University of law, business and politics competed with “Paykishifo” of Khatlon Medical Institute in state Philharmony named after A. Juraev. The competition consisted of 5 tasks.  Our university team was judged as the most “smart and merry” and permitted to the second stage. 

The student of our university Sadam Karimov has participated in World Championship among Youth from the 12-16 of October in Serbia on the weight of 74 kg and has taken the third place among  38 world sportsmen. The students Abdunabiev Erkinbek, Khojaev Oyatullo,  Qurbonov Faridun have taken part in Asian Games from 13-27 of September in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashkhabad in wrestling and each of them in their own weight categories were awarded  bronze medals. 

The Year of Youth demands that the young people whenever they are should think about safety and development of their country, to appreciate the Motherland, value the national and spiritual, intellectual and cultural wealth, defend the Motherland when it is necessary. The young people under protection of country authority should prove that they are valuable heirs of great ancestors and as the leader of nation love their Motherland with all their heart and are ready to sacrifice their lives.

In this connection in the frame of the project “At Rector’s Office” under the title “Youth’s Freedom – Nation’s Happiness” were held diverse programs such as scientific conference devoted to the 25th anniversary of fateful Session under the title “Young Generation is the Leader of Nation’s Followers”, organized a meeting with the participants of historical XVI Supreme Session Council of Tajikistan, with the participants republican of well known poets, cultural program of university “Oshyoni Mehr” band in Kamoli Khujandi Park, walking of participants to historical cultural monument Istiqlol, regional museum, the museum of Saidkhuja Urunkhujaev and historical Palace Arbob. The purpose of organization of these measures among students, as well as country high educational establishments  is promotion of friendship, internship, exchange of experience, getting acquaint, leisure, development of educational, scientific, students’ creative relations, construction of healthy atmosphere, presenting constructive and creative thoughts.

The above mentioned achievements are the results of not only university professors and instructors, but also the effects of constant support and assistance of State Government, responsible of the ministry of Education and Science of Tajik Republic and particularly executive Authority of Sughd region.

The following sayings of the Leader of Nation, the Founder of peace and national unity, the President of Tajikistan, his Excellency Emomali Rahmon makes us to believe to prosperous future of our country: “For the further five years the activity of Authority will be directed for the peoples’ well being, science issues, education will be paid a special attention, in the result of implementation of these measures Tajikistan will be in the high level of human well being”. It should be noted that accomplishment of this plan demands a great responsibility from each worker of education and science spheres. We are sure that our university staff for fulfillment of these important and great tasks which is focused by country executive authority perform a great contribution, and will do their best to prosper our dear Motherland.

University: Past and Present